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Tip: Panelized Homes

Panelizing is the process of taking lumber, pre-cutting the lumber to size and producing a panel in a factory, then designing it for assembly at the building site (basically, the process of making wall sections in a factory instead of out at the construction site). Using panels offers the ability to close on a house in less time than usual depending upon the size of the house. Most major panelized framing is engineered and fabricated with quality control.


There are basic advantages to building a home using panelization:
* Waste reduction
* Cost control
* Consistency in building materials


Creating a unique panelized home comes with flexibility and many design advantages. Ask to look at a portfolio of home designs that your panelized home service offers. This will give you ideas of what you are looking for.


Save on engineering and design costs because all or most is done in offices or plants. Quick and simplified techniques promote faster, easier and lower cost methods of erecting a structure. Panelized homes are engineered and manufactured to meet the specification requirements of residential and commercial building codes. Each home is priced individually.

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