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How To Get The Best When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

While it is important to allow a real estate agent to handle your house hunt and sales, it is also essential that you choose what is best for you in efficiency and affordability.

The above statement says it all. As the year 2018 advances, many homeowners will be making new purchases and moves. According to analysis, many homeowners make their moves during the beginning of a new year, starting fresh in a new home.

For the above reason, it is vital that your real estate agent is doing their best to bring back good results for you.

Below we have put together some critical points that will get you the best out of your agent.


  1. Choose your type of agent:  Are you selling a residential home or a commercial property? Do you want a real estate agency located online or those with physical locations? Go through the benefits and disadvantages that both have to offer. Do you have a busy schedule or do you want a location you can visit in person? Also, have in mind the area you wish to move to while making this consideration. If finding an agent online, using a trusted platform like can help you in vetting your agent. 
  2. Make a short-list of selected agents: After going through step one, chances are you will have more than one agency ready for you to contact them. However, before randomly picking, you shouldn’t forget that a firms services can deteriorate over time due to mismanagement, and not all that glitters is gold. 

    Therefore, it is important that you do some research about the firms that most appeal to you. You can check on to know which trusted real estate agent is located closest to where you have interest in moving. Find out what previous clients have to say about them, and find out if the agency belongs to a trusted industry organization.For those who are selling a home, you should check your agents website and the links they have with any major online platforms. See if they are representing the properties of their clients well with quality photos, which are informative and rightly taking, These points should lead you to the right agent.

    Note: any agency that has no link with a significant, online property marketing, platform, should be removed from your shortlist. There is a huge chance your experience with them will be dissatisfactory.

  3. Test their knowledge: For property sellers, the final step to take before saying yes to a real estate agent is to see how much your property can be sold for in their hands. You should give the remaining agencies on your shortlist a chance to look at your home. Also, you should ask the financial value of your property with proof of their claim, through samples of similar residences they have sold. It is always a good decision to check a directory like for similar home prices.

Once, the above is done, you should have enough information to select the right firm for your home sale.


Here are the various ways to get the best out of your preferred residential sales agent:

  1. Tell your agent what he needs to know: This is both for the seller and buyer. Let your real estate agent know how serious you are and what you expect from them when you expect it from them. This move will enable them to adjust the priority of your project efficiently. 
  2. Work closely with them: This point is for the sellers. Don’t forget that you and the agency are now a team. You should frequently call and check the progress garnered so far. 
  3. For buyers: Use a trusted platform like to find vetted agents and homes that match your financial budget and taste.

For more knowledge on how to work with your selected agency check out our sellers tips at:

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