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These 5 Cities are the Perfect Homebase for Foodies

Plus some honorable mentions

Would you move to a new place just for the cuisine? Some food enthusiasts believe having a good selection of diverse food options is a big reason to move. Stacker used data from British company Bott + Co to see which places had the most countries represented by food. If you’re a big foodie, you should probably consider moving to these “food capitals.” 

1. New York City

A meal at Kiwiana. Source: @kiwiana/Instagram

Ahh, New York City: the bastion of immigrant entrepreneurship and the ultimate melting pot. With a whopping 94 national cuisines represented (and surely even more underground spots that aren’t searchable on Google), New York City is one of the few places that has almost every meal you could want in one place. Here are some of the top rated restaurants for each content represented:

2. Chicago

A meal at Dastorkon. Source: @karekare88xo/Instagram

You can get way more than deep dish pizza in Chicago. For those unfamiliar with its array of options, the Windy City offers 66 national cuisines. Named the fourth most food diverse city in the world, Chicago is the perfect place to dip your toe into new foods and do some experimenting. Here are its top restaurants:

3. Los Angeles

Crispy pork belly from LASA. Source: @mattatouille/Instagram

A city built on Hollywood’s entertainment industry is sure to have enough grub to please celebrities and the average Joe alike. Coming in as the #9 most diverse food city in the world, Los Angeles restaurants are a mosaic of different cultures and flavors, representing 61 countries. Its top restaurants from each region include:

4. San Francisco

A meal at Leopold’s. Source: @brutallycool/Instagram

Besides being the technology capital of the world, San Francisco is the perfect place for foodies and adventurous eaters to settle down. With the 10th most diverse food scene in the world, San Francisco’s eateries offer scenic views, a great climate, and a buffet of foods from 60 different countries. Here are some of its best restaurants:

5. Boston 

A sandwich from Chacarero. Source: Chanchews/Instagram

While the first thing you might think of are its frosty winters, Beantown is also known for its spectacular variety of foods from all over the globe. With the opportunity to try meals from 57 different countries, it’s no wonder that so many people call Boston the “Hub of the Universe.” Here are some of its top rated restaurants from each region:

Honorable Mentions

What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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