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Checklist: Electrical Wiring Project

A large wiring project adds a considerable load to your main electrical service. In about 25 percent of all homes, some type of service upgrade is needed before new wiring can be installed. Consider these suggestions:

Make sure you have plenty of power for present and future needs.

Consider all ways the space in a new addition might be used, and plan for enough electrical service to meet peak needs.

Check your wiring.

Look in your main circuit breaker to see how much power you currently have.

Is your service rated for 60-amps or less? It may need to be upgraded.

Look for open circuit breaker slots in the main circuit breaker panel.

You will need one open slot for each 120-volt circuit that you may plan to install, and two slots for each 240-volt circuit.

If your main circuit-breaker panel has no open breaker slots, you will need to have a sub panel installed.

Remember that all work requires review by your local electrical inspector to make sure the changes conform to local electrical and building codes.

Failure to have proper permits and inspections can cause problems that can cost time and money.

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