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Tips to Make the Moving Process Easier

Avoid common headaches with these expert tips.

Let’s face it. Moving is stressful and not very fun. While the idea of starting a new chapter in your life is certainly exciting, the logistics of accomplishing that goal can become tedious, tiring, and expensive. To mitigate some of that stress, we have a few tips to make the move a little easier.

Marie Kondo Your Casa

Once you know you’re planning to move, start getting rid of the items you know you don’t need or use. Whether they’re items you don’t enjoy or things you haven’t used in over a year, getting rid of unnecessary possessions will make the process of moving a lot easier.

Sell and Give

When you’ve decided which items you know longer need, you have a few options before tossing them in the trash. Stores like Uptown Cheapskate and Buffalo Exchange will pay cash for clothes they think can resell. In addition, consider selling unwanted furniture or appliances on Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, or Craigslist to make some extra cash. Once you’re done selling, organizations like Goodwill and other charities will gladly take your unwanted items.

Start Packing Early

The earlier you start packing and organizing, the less stressed out you’ll be come move-in day. When you get close to the day you move, you’ll have plenty of other logistics to worry about such as: calling utilities and the bank to change your address, getting in contact with your lawyer, or arranging movers. Get the hard stuff out of the way first so you can focus on other demands.

Use Recycled Boxes

Of course you can always buy boxes at Home Depot, but you can save a ton of money if you go the green route. Most grocery and liquor stores have plenty of free, heavy duty boxes they’re willing to give away. Also, check Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, too. Oftentimes you’ll find packs of flattened boxes for free from other families who just finished moving. In addition, don’t forget the storage you already have at home. Pack up luggage and plastic crates with goods for easy moving and storage.

Pack Intelligently

Big boxes are great for large, lighter items. However, some people make the mistake of overloading large boxes with heavy objects. What may seem like a good idea when packing can be a bad one when lifting! Make sure your boxes can be lifted without risking injury. That said, it’s important to pack efficiently as well. Pack larger items in the box first and then put smaller items in between. The more tightly packed a box, the less shifting and movement inside.

Label Well

Not only should you label what kinds of items are in your boxes, you should also put which room they belong in and whether or not it contains fragile items. As a shortcut, some people code boxes with colored tape so they can move them to the right room without opening them.

Pack Blankets with Breakables

If you don’t have bubble wrap, blankets and soft towels are a great alternative for fragile items. Make sure your wrap the blankets around sharp edges and glass objects. In addition, you can stuff glasses with clean socks or hand towels to prevent them from getting crushed.

Keep Clothes Hanging

Taking the clothes off your hangers just to put them back on is a lot of work–and it’s not really necessary. Save yourself the time and effort by keeping your clothes on the hangers and piling them neatly into a box instead. Once you’ve gotten to your place, you can just hang them up quickly without fussing.

Pack a Day Bag

The process of move-in day is overwhelming, and you don’t want to look through all of your boxes just to find the essentials. Your overnight pack should include important personal documents, overnight clothes, a toothbrush, your phone charger, a water bottle and some snacks. You will definitely work up an appetite during your move!

What tips would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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