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Remove Rust From Water

Q: Does a water softener remove rust from the water? If not, how should this be done?

A: A water softener has the ability to remove iron. The hardness of the water and the capacity of the resin bed will determine the quantity of iron the softener can remove. If there is sediment in the water, then a pre-sediment filter in front of the softener will help.

I recommend that a water analysis be performed and a water treatment professional be consulted prior to making any type of investment in water conditioning equipment. A separate iron filter may also be necessary.

To locate some reliable water treatment specialists to come evaluate your water, make recommendations and give you estimates, please visit our site at: Type “water treatment” into the search box, submit a service request for “Install A Water Treatment System” and let us match you with the ideal service professionals in your area.

Good luck!

This information is brought to you by David M. Grant of Cardinal Aqua Pure, Inc. in Citrus Heights, CA

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