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Choosing Replacement Windows

Q: Can you tell me what I should be looking for in a replacement window? For instance, the space in between the double pane, fully welded, insulation on the frame and in the frame and sash?

I’ve been shopping and have received a range of prices, even for the same thing. The only thing I know is that I should make sure the window is fully welded. What else should I be looking for to make sure the window is sound and heat efficient?

A: I can tell you have been shopping, and learning a lot in the process. Now you just have to compare characteristics and decide what you want. Sometimes paying for some extra features is not necessary. I do not know how important insulation in the frame and sash of a vinyl window is, for example, because vinyl is inherently non-conductive.

When similar products seem to have very different prices, you need to ask why. Does one company have more overhead than another? Is the cheaper company lacking in the proper insurances? Above all, compare efficiency ratings and warranties. Usually, the seal on dual pane windows is the most likely thing to fail, so the longer the warranty on that, the better.

Finally, choose a window company with which you are comfortable working. Dealing with companies that offer a wide variety of products is also a good idea because they can better match your needs and budget. Finally, make sure they have a good reputation for quality customer service.

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Good luck!

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