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Steam Cleaning Grout

There is a revolutionary new concept in cleaning and restoring grout to it’s original beauty. In the past, the only way to address dirty grout was to use bleach, which kills mold and mildew, and cleans the surface, but is only temporary. There are many products on the market today which use chemicals to do the same, however, many of these just scratch the surface, not to mention the excruciating task of scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush. In addition, there are conflicting reports on the long term effects on the grout itself when using harsh acidic chemicals.

This new technology is just starting to gain momentum across the country, and is not currently available in some areas. By using high temperature water vapor, combined with pressure, these unique machines not only dislodge the dirt, grease, stains, and contaminants, but they also clean with water. Therefore, they eliminate the need for harsh and compromising chemicals.

Another reason why this method is increasing in popularity is the fact that it sanitizes as well as cleans. Biological pollutants in homes is a major health problem. When you realize we spend up to 90 percent of our time in our homes, you realize how important a dirt, germ free environment can be. For example, steam cleaning can control or reduce the occurence of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses, dust mites, fleas, pollen, etc. Steam pressure cleaning has the ability to kill dust mites, fleas and their eggs on contact. Allergens and dander are removed instantly. This is an excellent option for asthma sufferers or people with compromised immune systems. This level of cleanliness is not available with regular cleaning methods. Steam/pressure cleaners open up a whole new world in terms of deep down dirt removal. People who have babies can especially appreciate the net results of killing germs.

Homeowners who are not the original owners should consider this cleaning technique. Did the previous owners have a pet? When people move into homes that were previously lived in, they think of cleaning the carpets, and applying a fresh coat of paint, but what about the germs that are harboring in the grout line?

A word of caution when considering steam and pressure to clean your grout. There are many smaller home units advertised for ‘convenience’ cleaning. Although they work great for the purpose for which they were intended, around the basin, the kitchen sink… etc., you will spend a lot of time cleaning your grout, with the result being similar to scrubbing, as the smaller units don’t have the degree of pressure that the commercial companies can offer.

Information provided courtesy of Kenny Kline of Grout Pressure Cleaning, Inc.

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