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Snow Removal

Snow removal is necessary for safety, convenience and to protect property (weight on decks and roofs is a big concern. It can also be a huge hassle, particularly when the unexpected blizzard strikes and snow removal services are at a premium. You can avoid the hassles by contracting in advance with a snow removal service to clear the way when you need it most.

Most companies put regular clients on contract with a commitment to plow whenever the snow reaches a certain depth (i.e. 3-inches—but that could depend on location). Therefore, how often they remove the snow is dependant on the weather; sometimes it is every three hours, other times it can be weeks before removal is needed but clients still pay contract rate.

Most companies also offer to remove snow on a will-call basis for a flat or hourly rate. This is most common for owners of vacation homes who only want it cleared when they will be there. Regular residents tend to go on contract because it’s economical and easier to budget for.

Different companies offer types of services, i.e. for driveways, decks & walkways, roofs and parking lots. The variety of equipment used depends on the job size and amount of snow. Everything from the simple snow shovel to snow plows, tractors and snow blowers are used.

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