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Satellite Dishes

Satellite television delivers superb digital signal, the picture is crisp and crystal clear. Sound is also digital with quality reproduction normally only found on CDs.

There are several satellite companies (Direct TV, Dish Network, EchoStar, USSB,and SBCA to name a few) that offer slightly different programming, so it is necessary to check programming before deciding.

Satellite systems can be installed in an apartment or condo if the management allows dishes on the balcony or porch and the balcony or porch is situated in a position that allows the dish to face in the proper direction to pick up the signals.

The satellite receiver has an input for local reception. Simply run the line from indoor or outdoor antenna to it and the remote control to switch easily between satellite and local area channels.

A second receiver is recommended for large families or situations where two persons have distinctly different tastes in TV entertainment. However, it’s possible to watch satellite in another room with only one receiver by running a cable line from the output of the receiver to carry the satellite signal to any room you desire. Without a second receiver, one person may watch satellite in one room while the 2nd person watches a local channel in another, or vice versa.

A second receiver will allow two persons to watch two different satellite programs simultaneously, with the option of hooking up a second room to one or both of the receivers. (The programmer adds a fee per month for a second receiver that carries the same programs as the main receiver. Also, receivers have parental controls to black out the programs on one or both receivers.)

If you need to use more than two receivers, you will need a multi switch. If using an off air antenna, you may also need diplexers. To receive both American and International satellite programs, a second dish is required (multi-dish system) since International satellite is in different direction from regular programming satellites.

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