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Pool Installation

If you long to take a dip in a pool at your convenience, and you have room to install one, building a swimming pool can provide hours of relaxation and fun. But before you begin, you need to assess your wants and needs. Indoor pools will either require construction of an addition to your home or an outbuilding. If you have a building in mind for your pool, make sure it has adequate water and utility services. Outdoor swimming pools come in three basic types: above ground, in ground (made of vinyl) and in ground (made of concrete).

Investigate pool finishes that best suit your tastes. Plaster is a popular white finish made of cement and marble sand. Quartz comes in different colors and creates a speckled finish. Exposed aggregate is a smooth rock finish. Rhino Coat (a brand name) is similar to plaster but has an added bonding agent that creates a dazzling white finish.

If you want to swim laps, you’ll need a long pool. If you want to entertain, you’ll need some non-pool space (such as a deck) and shade. If you want a pool to just relax, a smaller model may be adequate.

Plan to spend about four to eight hours a week on routine pool maintenance. Basic maintenance equipment includes a vacuum cleaner, brushes, leaf skimmer and water test kit. You will also need to add sanitizing chemicals. If you prefer, you can also hire a professional pool maintenance company.

If you decide a pool is for you, these tips will help. Though it’s tempting to try installing a pool at the beginning of peak swimming season, you can save money if you purchase it at the end of the season. Standard pools take about three to six weeks to build, so plan accordingly.

A service professional can help you make your choices, and is best suited to the installation or repair of your pool, both because of the size of the project, and because of the different trades that might be required, from general construction and excavating and grading to concrete and plumbing work. ServiceMagic can connect you with a pro for your needs, and even find you a cleaning service for your pool.

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