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Modular Home Assembler

Modular home componets are produced in a quality controlled (factory) environment and shipped to the building site for much faster completion than site-built homes.

They typically arrive on-site 90 percent complete and ready to attach to the foundation. Completion is done by general contractors recommended by the manufacturer.

Modular housing is usually less expensive than a site built home of

comparable size, due to labor, material and time savings. This could be

offset, however, if it had to be transported very far from the manufacturer.

Speed and consistent quality are two major advantages of modular

housing. On average, a home will be built in two sections in the factory within two weeks, complete with interior finish right down to carpets and wall finish. Final completion, including connection of utilities to the home and a short list of finish work, is usually handled by a local general contractor familiar with the manufacturer. Normally a house can be finished in two to three weeks. They can also be stacked to make two-and three-story buildings.

Like conventional site-built construction, all modular homes must comply with codes in the region in which they are delivered-unlike mobile home HUD-Code housing, which is built to a separate, federally administered and enforced code.

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