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Take a look at those stark white walls in your home—what a wonderful opportunity for expressing your personal style and creativity. Wallpapers and fabrics in myriad patterns can transform an entire room or a small area into a warm, inviting space that makes a statement. Replacing a tired wall covering or a pattern that has outgrown its usefulness can also change the whole decor.

Choose wallcoverings to reflect the desired feel for the room and its adjoining spaces. Printed wallpapers in delicate patterns of pastels, for example, create a cozy feel for a bedroom. Bolder and larger patterns can make an over-sized room more intimate. Many choices have more light themes suggesting the rooms in which they will hang, such as a wallpaper patterned in fruits for the dining area.

Remember that types of wallpapers can determine the mood of room and reflect the person who uses the space, such as in a child’s or a teen’s bedroom or playroom. Flocked papers suggest a dressier and highly feminine look, and relief papers, those with embossed design, have a textured style. Coverings of grass cloth/burlap and cork-faced coverings lend an airy, more casual style and are often used in a den or bar area.

Foil coverings can be jazzy, with a modern air to liven up a small space or an entire wall. Vinyl coated and solid vinyl papers are particularly useful in spaces such as kitchens and dining nooks.

Both paper-backed and unbacked fabric wallcoverings are marvelous ways for “upholstering” your walls to provide a dramatic backdrop for your furnishings and personal objects. They may coordinate with drapes and furniture upholstery, or may bring out a pattern to complement other fabrics in the same room.

These wallpapers and coverings can be used for the entire wall, and they may also be applied with borders to break up the pattern on a large wall. Whether it’s a Colonial or regional touch, country look or modern, sleek style you want, there’s a pattern to suit your needs.

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