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Home Maintenance Contracts

A home maintenance contract is a service agreement or insurance that protects the working items and systems in the home. It provides protection through repairs or replacement of a home’s major systems, appliances and more, should an item break down due to normal wear and tear-regardless of that item’s age. It gives homeowners assurance that they will not be ambushed with outrageous bills to repair or replace protected items.

Home warranties cover all types of homes-condominiums, townhomes,

manufactured, mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.

Contracts usually last for one year, and homeowners can pay the fee annually, quarterly or monthly. A flat fee of $35-$50 is usually paid for any repair or total replacement. Some plans require an inspection before coverage, others do not.

Plans offer basic coverage for certain items, and will cover other items for extra premiums. Some items are always excluded. Prices and coverages vary so it is important to study the contract and see exactly what is covered and excluded in each contract.

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