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Home Inspections

Home inspections are visual examinations of the structure and systems of a home, usually (but not always) conducted by a professional inspector for homes being bought or sold. Homeowners may also have check up inspection as a preventive measure against costly repairs.

During a typical inspection, home inspectors investigate potential problems and defects in the following areas:
* Heating and central air conditioning systems
* Plumbing and electrical systems
* Floors, walls, ceilings and doors
* Roof, attic and insulation
* Basement, foundation and other structural exterior elements

At the completion of a formal inspection, home inspectors provide verbal and written reports to buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. These reports outline irregularities in the home that might compromise its safety, living conditions, and resale value. Some inspectors also include recommendations for correcting defects, preliminary estimates of repair costs, and post-repair consultations.

The American Society of Home Inspectors® is the preeminent professional organization in the field, and its Standards of Practice serves as a code of conduct for professional inspectors. Although the time and cost of a professional inspection will vary greatly based on the geography, age, and size of a home, the typical inspection requires from two to four hours and costs between $150 and $300.

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