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Consider Animals During Cold Weather

With fall and winter quickly approaching, animal lovers can start to think of options for their pets and other animals, such as birds, who visit their yards. For the most part, cats and dogs don’t like to be stuck outside in rain, wind, snow, sleet or ice. However, they do enjoy being outside when the sun’s shining and it’s a moderate day. Anyone with animals knows that we make accommodations for our pets to make their lives happier. Let’s explore some ideas.

Lots of housecats are outdoor/indoor cats. They like to go in and out frequently, more frequently than owners prefer to let them. In the colder months of the year, this becomes more of an issue because heat escapes the house every time the door is opened for the pet. The same situation occurs with dogs. If you have a fenced in yard and your dog has free range, they also have the opportunity to go in and out as often as their owner allows them.

Installing a Pet Door

Installing a pet door can solve this problem leaving you with less hassle and more heat, and as a result, your pet will be happy with their new freedom. This also is a huge benefit when you are not home. If you are someone who works long hours or travels a lot on business, installing a pet door could be a perfect solution.

Pet doors can be installed in most doors and there is a variety from which to choose. Panel pet doors can be installed in sliding glass patio doors. Custom pet doors can be made for French doors. They also come in all sizes for a cat up to a giant dog. You can get electronic doors that will only let your pet in. And if your pet wears out your existing door, replacement parts can be ordered.

Build a Doghouse

If your dog likes to be outside all day while your family is busy at work and school, build them a doghouse before the weather gets too nasty. How terrible to be at work and know that your dog is sitting in snow, sleet or rain. The crafty ones among us could build a custom doghouse to be a perfect fit. Put a piece of carpet or small rug inside to give the dog something soft on which to lie.


Think of all the birds that visit your yard. Before it gets cold out, place several bird feeders and/or birdhouses around your yard. Not only will this provide you with peaceful, fulfilling rewards as you watch the birds gratefully feed from them but it also provides the birds with food when everything is ice or snow covered. Be sure to remove or turn birdbaths upside down now before it gets cold. If the water in it freezes, your birdbath will most likely crack.

These small changes will bring you and your animals much happiness. Act now before it gets too cold and your motivation level drops with the temperature.

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