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Clearing Snow Safely

If you live where it snows frequently, once in a while or even a couple times a winter, you know that getting rid of the fluffy white stuff can suddenly turn the beauty of it into an undesired chore. However, there are some methods that can help alleviate this hassle so that you might be able to enjoy the winter wonderland around you.

If you receive only several inches of light, dry snow, you may be able to shovel your walks and driveway. When shoveling, always be aware of your back and try to bend your knees. Elderly should consider calling on a neighborhood youth to shovel their walks or if getting around isn’t a problem, buy a snowblower. These machines do all the work for you while all you have to do is push them.

When snow is very wet and heavy, use a snowblower if at all possible. Extreme caution should be used when operating a snowblower. Keep all shields in place and keep hands and feet away from all moving parts.

Be sure the chute is pointed away from your house. Stray objects can be thrown further than the snow. If possible, inspect sidewalks and driveway for rocks or other objects that could cause injury or damage to the machine. At the start of snow season, check your snowblower to be sure that it is in good condition and ready to go. Use your best judgment as to who you allow to operate the machine. This job requires much responsibility and maturity, not to mention physical ability.

For icy sidewalks, throw down some rock salt. Slippery sidewalks can be extremely dangerous, especially for the elderly. For large amounts of snow on driveways, contact a plowing service to save yourself time and energy.

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