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Avoid These 5 Errors When Selecting an Agent to Sell Your Home

  • Survey: Selling a House is #1 Source of Stress
  • Five Common Errors
  • Questions for Your Agent Interview
  • Find a Superior Realtor Now

Survey: Selling a House is #1 Source of Stress

Are you getting ready to sell your house and buy a new one? The process of selling a home can be almost overwhelming. It’s typically the most valuable item that a person sells during their lives, often by a substantial margin.

Just how bad is the stress? A survey conducted in the United Kingdom in 2014 found that people list selling a house as more stressful than any other life event, including going bankrupt, getting a divorce, experiencing a loved one’s death, losing a job, having a child, or preparing for a wedding.

“The research also found people were more than twice as likely to feel selling a property was more stressful than buying one due to having to keep the house clean for constant viewings,” the Daily Mail reports.

One great way to eliminate stress is to get the assistance of a real estate agent.

People often don’t pay enough attention to careful selection of their agent, though. Sometimes those sellers get lucky and the house is sold rapidly anyway. Other times, it ends up sitting on the market for months or even over a year. If you want your home to sell in 60 to 90 days at or near your asking price, you really do need a strong realtor.

A common notion within the real estate industry is that four out of every five homes are sold by the top 20% of agents. It’s critical that your agent is in that top echelon if you don’t want to be waiting around.

Five Common Errors

Steer clear of these five errors if you want to pick out an agent who will be effective and move quickly so you can close the sale of your house – someone who wants to sell it at a good price as badly as you do and has the competence to make it happen:

  1. Thinking a large number of sales equates to excellence.

A realtor might say they sold more homes than anyone else in their agency last year. That’s great, but you also want to know how strong those sales were. You don’t just want to know how many houses they sold but how many they listed and how many were within a reasonable margin of the asking price, according to Erik Folgate of Money Crashers. “If the agent sold 30 houses, but listed 100, that’s only a 30% success rate,” he notes. “There could be some better agents out there who listed 12 houses and sold 12 houses and got the best money possible for those houses.”

  1. Getting mesmerized by sales pitches.

The realtor may be very convincing with you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good at selling houses. Keep your head clear, and make sure their arguments are sound, holding up to research.

  1. Using the recommendation of a friend or relative.

Be careful about using anyone that you meet through a friend or family member. You may like the fact that they were referred to you by someone you know, but the situation can quickly get uneasy if the person is new or otherwise seems incapable. Don’t agree to work with anyone until you are convinced they are a great choice regardless of the referral.

  1. Choosing an agent who takes the lowest possible commission.

Selecting a realtor based off of price can be disastrous. Instead, consider going with an agent who actually charges a higher fee, remarks Folgate, who advises asking why the rates are higher. “They might have better access to high quality marketing campaigns,” he says, “and the extra percentage will help cover those marketing costs.”

  1. Putting too much weight on friendliness.

Some agents are incredibly nice. Keep in mind that your realtor should not just be agreeable – because you need exceptional toughness and negotiation skills.

Questions for Your Agent Interview

Ask your agent the following:

  • Over the last year, how many houses have you listed and sold?
  • How long were your houses for sale, on average?
  • How will you market my home?
  • How are you connected with other realtors?
  • How quickly do you respond to emails and voicemails?
  • Do you have advice on touching up the home for a faster sale?
  • Why are you in this business?

Find a Superior Realtor Now

The agent will probably be a critical piece of selling your home, Folgate argues.The right agent can be the difference between a smooth selling process and a nightmare,” he says. “To avoid getting a bad agent, you must do some preparation and research when hiring one.”

Are you in need of a licensed, high-quality realtor? We can help you find the right agent who is in that coveted top 20%. At, we offer the quickest way to search real estate professionals online. Find a qualified realtor now.

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