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Acoustic Ceiling Cleaning

Acoustical tile ceilings act as “sponges” for sound, soaking up excess noise to create a more pleasant environment. Unfortunately, these tiles also absorb airborne dirt, grease, cigarette smoke, nicotine, and bacteria, making ceilings dirty. Professional cleaning solution can break down the dirt film into micro-dust particles that evaporate into the atmosphere and are filtered away through the air handling system.

Acoustic tile ceilings can usually be professionally cleaned for about 20% of the cost of replacement and 50% of the cost of painting. Partial

replacement of ceiling tiles results in a “checkerboard” look. Regular

cleaning assures the uniform appearance of your ceiling for years to come. Painting is messy and it can destroy the acoustical value and can alter the fire rating of your tiles. Cleaning ceiling tiles retains these qualities without leaving a lingering odor.

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