for Professionals is an evolving content management platform that provides information, tools and resources to consumers on behalf of real estate professionals. We do all of the heavy lifting like researching & implementing proven technologies and services so you don't have to, allowing you to do what you do best… engage consumers and transact real estate. Our initial offerings include:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Listing Portal

Leverage the highly relevant visitors that are searching for property in your area on and sign-up for our PPC listing portal.

It's simple. A consumer enters the city and state where they are interested in searching for property using's property search widget and they are delivered directly to the relevant local IDX property listing pages on your website.

Similar to Google AdWords, we will show you the minimum bid required to receive traffic from on a per-click basis. You determine if the price is fair, how much you are willing to pay and set a monthly budget you are willing to spend – you stay in control. If you are the high bidder we will automatically deliver all property search traffic for your area directly to the specific local property listing URL (IDX pages) you designate. Through your control panel, you can monitor the PPC traffic and your budget.

Local Area News and Market Statistics Page Sponsorships

Claim your local area and demonstrate your personal knowledge, experience and professionalism via our blogging platform. There are two pages within each Local Area search result landing page to sponsor:

When you sponsor a Local Area/News page, you create a Sponsored Article (using our online tools) that replaces the existing "News" feed on the Local Area search result page. Your content for the Sponsored Article should speak to what's attractive about the local area, i.e. favorite places, things to do, why a consumer would want to live in the area. When you fill out the requested information on Sign-up, a "Featured Agent" display ad will automatically be created and will appear in the side-bar of the Local Area/News page (and Market Stats page, if you also sponsor that page).

The content for the Local Area/Market Statistics page should speak to the provided market stats charts on the page as well as any additional market condition insights you as a real estate professional may be able to provide.

With your Featured Agent display ads, we brand each sponsored page exclusively with your picture and contact information.