Home Buying Process

The home buying process, especially the first time around, can be long and involved. Let help!


Where Do We Start?

The map is just the beginning of this realty buying experience. Once you look at the map, we’ll set up a meeting with one of our Top Real Estate Agents to discuss your interests, what you want to do, and a plan to get it done. At this stage, we’ll ask you what you’re looking for and discuss rough numbers. Whether you’re searching for building sites, condominiums, or houses for sale, finding the real estate you need with the amenities you want is our priority.

What’s the time frame?

Our clients usually find the property they want in as little as a couple of days or less. Others choose to shop around more. Our permanent mission is to guide you towards real estate you’ll love while providing options to choose from, resulting in a time frame that you choose, making this an all-around pleasurable experience.

What is a Buyers Agent?

Buyers Agents are knowledgeable top real estate agents that will locate the real estate you desire, but their duties do not stop there. From finding the home you love to negotiating a contract on it and bringing that contract to closing, having a Buyers Agent facilitates the entire process of purchasing a property.
As your advocate and advisor, your Buyers Agent will disclose all of the known information pertaining to the property. With this comes the knowledge that the seller’s realty expert will not be capable of taking advantage of you, the buyer. This is all too common in the realty industry but with the guidance of one of our top real estate agents, it’s never a worry.

What Happens When We Find The Property Of Our Dreams?’s top real estate agents are always ready to assist in preparing an offer. Using modified approved MLS Board of REALTORS forms with addenda exact to the area, we incorporate other items that are custom tailored for your realty needs. Once this is done, we push the offer through to the seller and go from there.

When Does Closing Happen?

Prior to closing, it is also important for you to hire a {home inspector} before making the purchase to ensure the property has no major issues. If the house checks out and the seller accepts the offer, closing takes place within 30 to 60 days. When taking the timeliness of closing, due diligence requirements and financing also come into play of course.

Why Chose An Agent?

Any algorithm can search for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. But only an agent can spot a kitchen fit for foodies, the open floor plan you covet, or that the den would be perfect for your home office. Your agent will also query colleagues and contacts for leads on potential homes that haven't even been listed online yet.
These contacts point you in the direction of houses for sale that a simple online search wouldn’t turn. Contacts are some of the most valuable resources in our top real estate agents arsenals and with them, they find the perfect property before the competition.

Is Negotiating An Option?

Negotiating the price of the property is always an option but if the seller does not accept your offer, keep your chin up! We’ll continue assisting you with the next step, regardless of whether you’re interested in making a new offer on the property or moving on to the next one.

How Do We Get The Best Price?

Buying real estate means making a clear offer without a lot of contingencies. If you’re looking for houses for sale that have the most potential, our top real estate agents are excellent at finding the needle in the haystack when it comes to real estate. With a lot of buyers not being capable of seeing the potential in many of these houses for sale, it’s an opportunity we can jump on. If you’re looking to finance your property purchase, you’ll need to find and get pre-qualified with a {local lender}, allowing us to include this information in your offer on the property.

What About Earnest Money?

When you make an offer on a property, it’s typically made with a 1% deposit. This deposit is placed in a non-interest bearing trust account for the time being, keeping your money safe until it’s time to make the purchase.

What Will You Do For Us?

Whether you’re looking at general realty or houses for your investments, our top real estate agents paint a flawless picture of professionalism paired with knowledge of the inner workings of the realty industry. Regardless of the real estate you’re looking for, we handle every aspect of your property purchasing experience.
Need the proper inspections? We have you covered.
Worried about working with a lender and appraiser? We’ll work with them to ensure your loan approval comes in time.
There are numerous closing details that we handle when you go through and with our help, you don’t need the realty knowledge to purchase houses for the lowest prices!

When Do We Start?

How about now? Explore our buyer’s package and see what fires your imagination. Then grab a map and contact us to begin tracking down your dreams.

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