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Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Lists Over $271M Of Real Estate

From a historic Indiana residence to a private island in Michigan

Every now and again certain pieces of real estate forever become associated with certain crimes,
particularly when these properties are linked to celebrities. One obvious example would be the home
Sharon Tate was murdered in by the “Manson family” on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles. Fifty years later
the home is still known as “The Tate House.” Not to imply every property we’re taking a look at will
endure the same fate, but these homes were all previously owned by one Jeffrey Epstein.

It’s safe to say at this point that most people are familiar with the tale of Epstein, but if not then
Netflix has a docu-series called “Filthy Rich” that can bring you up to speed. In a nutshell, the
disgraced former financier died in jail over a year ago leaving behind a horrifying tale of crimes
involving (allegedly) a laundry list of notable politicians and other well-known individuals.

Despite the fact that, as of this writing, the specifics of these crimes remain “alleged,” there is
no doubt that the sale prices for these homes reflect the story in which they’re involved. Additionally
there exists a compensation fund that exists to distribute proceeds from these sales to the victims.

Knowing what we now do about the former owner and the circumstances of these properties, let’s
initiate our quick look at a small handful of these homes.

Likely the most well-known of these properties is this 6 bed / 7.1 bath Palm Beach, Florida, home
listed for just under $22 million:

$21M / 98k sq. ft. – built in 1952 – 6 beds – 7.1 baths / Palm Beach, FL

Houses for both your staff and the pool, as well as a 3-car garage, are a few of the extras
included with this 8,000 square foot home built in 1952.

Moving right along to the next property, this Beverly Hills home will set you back $160 million:

$160M / 9.87 acres / Los Angeles, CA / 20 bed - 23 bath - 4 acre back yard
$160M / 9.87 acres / Los Angeles, CA / 20 bed – 23 bath – 4 acre back yard

Situated behind immense gates that open to reveal a 30-car courtyard, this house includes
enough bedrooms to sleep a small army (twenty bedrooms, to be exact), and 23 bathrooms.

Let’s head East to have a look at the next house on the list. This Corydon, IN, property
features five bedrooms and 5 baths, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

$795k / 5.27 acres – built in 1808 – 5 beds – 5 baths / Corydon, IN

Equally interesting is that this home was originally built in 1808, and has since only been
previously owned by a total of three families. It is worth noting that it was restored in 1999.

Situated in Addison Township, MI, and built in 1951, this property includes something rather unique:

$460k / .28 acres – private island – 3 beds – 2 baths / Addison Township, MI

The asking price of $460k includes your very own island, accessed by a private steel bridge.
Electricity, natural gas, cable television, and internet are all already pre-connected to the

Next up is a 1,900 square foot Colonial with 3 beds, 2 baths, and gorgeous water views:

$449k / .6 acres – built in 1985 – 3 beds – 2 baths / Waterford, CT

Despite being the least expensive of all the properties we’ve taken a look at today, it is still quite
impressive and features what largely seems to be the hallmark of these palatial estates: a
downright beautiful view from an optimal location (location, location).

Needless to say, these are some incredibly unique properties that include a firm connection to one of
the most widely-discussed and infamous stories of the modern era. There are several other homes
known to have belonged to Epstein, including a 28,000 square foot, seven-story townhouse located
in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. That property is listed for $88 million and would be the single
largest recorded townhouse sale in New York City’s history.

Lots of Epstein’s properties do seem to have been acquired through mysterious means, additionally
he is known to have owned two Caribbean islands. Undoubtedly as time moves on and lawsuits reveal
information as yet still unknown about this person and his (alleged) crimes, the infamy attached to
many of these properties will only grow.

Still, if you have the means and are interested in one of these objectively impressive properties
even with their attachment to the global news story and all that will come with it, now is the time to
look closely and consider making an offer on one of these properties before someone else does, since
for sure they are destined only to increase in value over time.

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