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You Too Can Get Real Estate Branding

Not just for large developers

Forgive me for dragging the Donald here in my post today. I just can’t help but share one site’s comment when his family opened Trump Soho weeks ago. The photo caption mocks The Apprentice star and his three kids, “Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. use Trump scissors to cut the Trump ribbon unveiling the monstrous Trump SoHo on Trump Street in Trump York today. Trump!”

All right, it may have been exaggerated but whoever wrote it just put my thoughts into words that he’s only short of the Trump Signature Collection, Trump Mortgage, Trump Model Management and Pageants, Trump University, Trump Ice, Trump Vodka, Trump Financial, Trump Network, Trump Jewelry, etc.

But there’s a reason why Donald’s been trying his eponymous efforts to shove it on media’s face. Building his name through all these decades would mean instant recognition for whatever he sells (though it doesn’t mean you’ll wear a Trump watch). It’s a Trump World all along but developers and ordinary FSBO sellers can learn a lesson from his branding style: it’s time to make one for you.

So you don’t own a golf course in Puerto Rico or a hotel in Waikiki but that doesn’t mean you can’t do personal branding. Branding shouldn’t only be a strategy among the big players. There are more ways that you can show how you brand your property even if your real estate company is a fledgling one. Here are some tips that are easy to follow by those staring out in the industry:

Take care of your properties before and during the sale period. Brand strategist Jean-Claude Saade believes that “Creating value starts with adding value to people’s life whether by offering them a better home, a better community, better facilities, a better investment, or simply a better business opportunity. When this value is created, delivered and perceived well by hundreds and thousands of customers, it will be transformed into an economic value linked directly to the brand equity or “good will” that this brand can create.” In other words, you must see to it that what you’re selling is more than a structure but a property that the buyer can actually call home right at the moment he’s at your doorstep.

Know what the strengths of your property are. Are the areas flexible for further improvement by the buyer? Are their features that are not found in other nearby homes? Can you mix and match pieces but still achieve unity in design? Here’s one example on this strategy from Napa Consultants:

Finally, it pays to add a personal touch to your service. Make your company stand apart from others by sharing what you know. If a client cannot make up her mind on what property to buy, offer her your personal views including the disadvantages of choosing each one. According to one source, “Personal branding is not all about how they see you, although ‘image’ and attractive packaging does play a big part in the process of showing your company to everyone in a positive manner. It’s more about an emotional connection between your service and your customer.”

Start your personal branding the right way and it’ll pay off one day.

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