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You Could Have Been Obama’s Neighbor

only If you have millions to pay for a house next to theirs

Seven months ago, this was situation in Greenwood Avenue in Chicago:

But Bill Gremshaw is already elated after finding a buyer that I suppose has passed the Secret Service’s background check. The Wall Street Journal reports, “The house at 5040 S. Greenwood Ave., which came on the market in September amid a flurry of media attention, has sold for $1.4 million to an undisclosed buyer. The sale closed Tuesday and the records do not yet appear on Cook County’s records Web site. Listing agent Matt Garrison of Coldwell Banker said the buyer was “an ordinary Chicago buyer” who had previously been looking to buy in the area and was planning on undertaking a multi-million dollar renovation of the home. The 6,000-square-foot, three-story home was built around 1900 and has stained glass windows, a porch and a finished lower level. There’s an additional coach house on the property, which measures nearly 0.3 acres. It was built by the original owner of the Obamas’ home; the Secret Service now cordons off the street.”

Do you think that the buyer has any intention of living permanently in this house? With Gremshaw’s reasons for selling, I don’t think the decision has something to do with finding a house and settling in it for the rest of his life. I could spend $1.4 million somewhere that has tolerable security measures. No need for passing several tall men in dark suits who always suspect that our community has terror threats. Besides, when I hold a party, I want my guests to be at ease in my house.

Then again, I could be sourgraping anyway.

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