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Would you pay $5,000 for real estate advice?

What a Moneymaking Plan!

Here’s a report by The Sacramento Bee. Belton Mouras Jr., the self-proclaimed “duplex king of Sacramento” and whose track record in real estate has been impressive for many years, is offering a real estate seminar for investors this month at $5,000 per person.

But why is this seminar a big deal to us?

It’s because the man has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. He states that his assets are worth $55.4 million versus his liabilities of $85.9 million. Now would you pay $5,000 to hear him share his secrets? His bankruptcy attorney released a statement, “Mr. Mouras is offering to share with others his extensive real estate investment experience obtained over many years, both in good times and in bad, in finding properties to acquire at the right price, raising money to purchase them, rehabilitating them if needed, managing them and holding them for long-term investment or disposing of them for a short-term profit.”

And before we neglect to write, the official website of Mouras states “This exclusive program is designed to assist junior and experienced investors with increasing their investment portfolios and is not meant for beginners.”

The issue here is not a question of whether he has the experience to share but his credibility to prove that there’s enough reason to still invest in real estate this period – and yes, ask for a $5,000 fee. Mouras has the knowledge and industry experience but if we think now’s not yet the right time. He could have at least waited for his financial state to recover and prove that his industry expertise will work. In this way, he’d have more credibility.

Whoever attends the seminar ought to squeeze out all knowledge from Mouras. It’s $5,000 and it’s no joke.

And please ask how’s is he going to recover from bankruptcy.

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