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Women Sure Know How to Help

An organization extends its hand.

The Association of Women in Real Estate (AREW) has created a wise step in helping disadvantaged women get through the times. Last June 10, they hosted a penthouse and rooftop tour in Twenty9th Park Madison condominium in New York for a $20 fee per visitor. On top of that, they collaborated with designer Jes Wade who showcased his latest line. Proceeds were used for helping homeless families. Interestingly, the organization also supports “women entering the field of real estate by underwriting scholarships to real estate students at New York University, Columbia University School and Baruch College.”

Here’s one good way of supporting the industry. Admittedly, women can always use their creativity to come up with things that they can use to raise more funds in helping the industry. Here are some ideas where the proceeds can be used to help the homeless:

1. Hold make over classes that will give tips to women on dressing appropriately and choosing their over all style. They can ask for a certain fee upon joining.
2. Ask visual artists to exhibit their work in high-end condominiums and invite people to participate in auctioning these artworks. They can also showcase the condominium’s features during the exhibit.
3. Invite celebrities to show up for a charity event where they can sit down and have dinner with people who are willing to pay for the event. The total earnings can be used to fix dilapidated apartments of hurricane victims.
4. Host cooking classes during the weekends where families can participate. This can be held in condominium units where appliance, furniture and kitchen supply manufacturers can sponsor the event. All takings can be allotted for building small homes.
5. Join forces with other real estate organizations in holding larger projects where they can generate more funds for the homeless.

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