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With This House, You’re Also Paying for History

So narrow, yet so pricey.

Would you pay $2.7 million for a 9.5 feet-wide, 42 feet-long, three-story, red brick house? That’s what the folks at Greenwich Village are currently waiting to see. It seems absurd that NYC’s narrowest house is on the market for so much. But what you don’t know is part of the package is a rare opportunity to live in a house once a witness to history’s remarkable women (although you can’t expect your children not to be claustrophobic in the coming years).

Here’s a photo of the house that was built in 1873 and has undergone only minor restorations up to this time.

Located at 75 Bedford Street, it was once inhabited by the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, and later on by anthropologist Margaret Meade. Talk about history! In her book “Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin: Women Writers Running Wild in the Twenties”, Meade recounts some of the interesting things that happened in Bedford Street . In some sites, we even found recovered photographs of Millay posing in front of the house, obviously proud of the background.

The house was valued less than $350,000 in the 90’s. It was picked up for $1.6 million nine years ago. The owners today are selling it higher by 40 percent. We suspect, therefore, the appraiser must have factored in the historical significance of the property – despite the drag that its comps (no narrower than this one for sure!) can affect. Besides, isn’t Greenwich Village insusceptible to the effects of the property market malaise?

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