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Where to Launch Your Career

List explores best places to find employment.

We salute BusinessWeek for its straightforward discussion of The Best Places to Launch a Career 2009. This is where we have consistently waited for a real estate firm to penetrate the top five best companies. Well, only the positions of accounting firms have changed—no signs of real estate companies… Oh well, the industry is in shambles, so why should we keep our hopes up?

The analysis reported by Lindsey Gerdes is most amusing. It’s a reflection of how dire good positions are these days. She writes, “… Most will not get big raises or fancy new titles as a result. But when the recovery comes, those same grads will be well positioned for promotions, as boomer retirements create openings in middle management… For Generation Y, all this represents a dilemma. As a generation, it never suffered from lack of ambition. But to get the responsibilities they covet, millennials will need a new outlook on work. Often criticized for a sense of entitlement, members of this cohort will have to knuckle down and pay their dues. And though often seen as needing direction, they’ll have to make do without hand-holding. Plus, the search for work-life balance that Gen Y considers a priority will be more elusive than ever.”

So this means that graduates have to believe that they currently have a career waiting for the big transition: that is, when the economy recovers. It’s a good way to think about the prospects their company has to offer. In the meantime, they better take hold of their positions for awhile, rather than relocating to another state in hopes of landing a dream job.

And yes, when can we see a real estate company topping the list?

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