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Where to Find Jobs and Pay Your Mortgage

We list places that can land you recession-proof jobs.

Jessica Dickler of CNNMoney.com listed three industries that are thriving in employment creation amidst the recent 533,000 job cuts last November in finance, real estate, manufacturing and technology. We match our chosen states with her top industry picks for you to consider.

Industry Pick: Education
Reason: According to Dickler, “In addition to greater demand for educators, also lending support to the sector is government financing.”
Our Suggested States: California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.
Reason: With private schools alone numbering to more than 1,500 in each state above, these areas have ample job opportunities for teachers and professors. Although pay is relatively lower than finance jobs like elementary teachers ($39,420) and secondary special education teacher ($42,935) according to PayScale, job satisfaction is incomparable.

Industry Pick: Health Care
Reason: Dickler says, “With an aging population and greater demand for care, health services is also adding jobs in a down market.”
Our Suggested States: California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas
Reason: According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study, hospitals that increase their number of registered nurses increase their operating costs but do not decrease profits. These states have high demand for health care services including physicians, nurses and other medical jobs and can match industry average pays. Nurses with less than a year of experience earn $21.63 per hour while those who have specializations and working for more than 20 years receive $29.94 per hour. Physicians in the emergency room earn $139,093 while oncologists are paid $203,496.

Industry Pick: Accounting
Reason: Dickler cites John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, “Companies are trying to cut costs and not over spend, that puts more importance on good financial controls which requires accountants.”
Our Suggested States: New York, New Jersey, California, South Carolina, Georgia and Massachusetts.
Reason: Accountants with at least two decades of experience can expect to receive $46,813 in salary alone. These states can provide potential promotion and career advancement opportunities to those with professional certification and additional trainings.

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