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Want to Sell Faster? … Let Them Sleepover

Strategies to help home sellers

Home buyers are getting special treatment in this buyers’ market. Bargain hunters are being lured with perks. Some sellers offer more than just a drink to potential buyers… Some owners enjoy entertaining potential matches with their homemade pastries, while other owners provide a complete homemade dinner. It can be a win-win situation in the end.

Another winning strategy is to let buyers sleep over in the house. In this way, buyers can get a feel of how good (or bad) living in the house will be. Think of it as a test drive.

In reality TV, sleepovers have been portrayed in HGTV’s “Sleep On It“. Here’s a sample clip:

We advise buyers and sellers alike to take safety into consideration. For buyers, make sure that the area isn’t notorious for street crimes, burglary, etc. Also, when bringing your children, make sure they behave well or else you’ll have to pay for damaged furniture, artwork and vases. For sellers, it would help to know the background of the person who’s staying. It’s also acceptable for the seller to you stay in the house while they are having a sleepover. Remember, you’d want to sell the house to the right buyer not to someone who’ll take advantage of your situation.

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