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Uncle Johnny the Inspector

We’re excited to announce our new Guest Blogger series. We will be taking knowledgeable Realtors and Real Estate Bloggers from around the US and allowing them to voice their opinions about what is going on currently in Real Estate. Enjoy!

Greg NinoWhen you go to the doctor you hope the expert whose about to cut you open & save your life is both qualified and licensed to do so. You also are assuming he’s using the best tools possible for the task at hand, and no less. When you buy a home it only makes sense to get the BEST possible home inspector that you can find. Using a buddy, relative or friend to “eye-ball” the home is an awful and potentially dangerous idea.

Too often buyers tend to nickel & dime the process in hopes of getting a “great deal.” Truth is, buying or selling a home is one of the largest purchases we will ever make in our life. Don’t be a ding-dong when inspecting your next home. Recently I worked with one of my sellers where the buyer’s agent held inspections on one of my listings. The buyer’s chose to use a former neighbor who was a retired auto mechanic and “really good handyman.”

This is about as ignorant as me hiring a dentist to fix my roof leak. Not only are you putting your relationship at risk, but you are leaving room to miss important issues when inspecting a home. Current licensed inspectors are familiar with current property code and many other details that a good ol’ boy is very likely to miss. Besides, if Cousin Carl misses something who are going to sue?

My current inspector has about 4,000 inspections under his belt. He has all the gizmos, gadgets and tools necessary to ensure he doesn’t miss a thing. Every “T” is crossed and every “I” is dotted. 12.5 cents for every square foot or $275 bucks minimum. That’s a pretty simple synopsis of what a quality and experienced home inspector cost these days.

When you bring Uncle Johnny or know it all Nick your also going to find that they feel overly compelled to say things to justify their existence. Not only are they not up to speed on current items, they simply do not have the day in and out experiences as a full-time licensed inspector. How do you think a seller will handle your repair request? No they won’t laugh, but they are very likely to not adhere to your request as a buyer – plain and simple. After all – you’re using a buddy. And your faith in him means very little to a listing agent and homeowner!

Do it right, or don’t do it at all – that’s my motto. I hope you will do the same when buying your next home.

Greg Nino is a Realtor at RE/MAX West Houston Professionals.

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