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energy efficient homesGreen Revolution in the Golden State

In an unprecedented move last July 16, California has approved the Green Building Standards which aims to adopt measures in reducing green house emissions from structures. Being the first and only state to create such criteria so far, it intends to bring down energy usage by 15 percent, water consumption by 20 percent and water for landscaping use by 50 percent. Heating and cooling of buildings account for a large percentage in carbon emissions not to mention unlimited resource of water used in home and building constructions. Environmentalists specifically the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) now has a stable platform to continue its cause as earth-friendly methods will be utilized which include solar energized machines and toilets that use less water than conventional ones.

But Californians may not get their hopes up just yet. By July 2009, submission to the standards is still generally voluntary. And after a year, only then will the guidelines be mandatory for all buildings. Who’s brave enough to start building at higher costs due to green sophisticated equipments attached to rooftops and corners? Somehow, it would till take some time and more green house emissions from Gov. Schwarzenegger’s turf. And at this early stage, the standards are already plagued by questions on the statute’s specifics.

Adherence to these green norms is now at the forefront. California has taken the lead and established clear provisions and mandatory procedures to significantly cut carbon discharge twenty years from now. Other states must follow suit and learn from California… or better yet, let America learn from the Japanese’s green management where simple designs in ventilation to sophisticated urban planning and architecture have become a fitting model for natural conservation.

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