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Sorry, Gisele Won’t Be Moving In

No Brazilian Supermodel in this elite town for now

Supermodel Gisele won’t be moving in to Boston’s elite Hingham neighborhood. That’s what an article in The Boston Globe reports.

Hingham, once cited by Eleanor Roosevelt as the town that best exemplifies America, has also joined the property market plunge. One of Plymouth County’s leading developers, Tom Hastings, was rumored to have found a buyer for his $8.4 million mansion by the South Shore. However, he denied that supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s husband, Red Sox player Tim Wakefield, was interested. He denies, “… I heard that, and two weeks ago I got calls that Tim Wakefield had bought my house. Not true. I think some people need more cable channels to occupy their imagination.”

Why would celebrity house buying (and selling) be so note-worthy in the real estate business? We’ve heard about this A-list star checking a 5-bedroom condo in Manhattan, or a movie mogul adding another property in Houston… and the entire buzz swiftly sweeps the media. There’s a reason for this. People are counting on celebrities to settle in their areas, in the hopes of generating higher values for comps in the neighborhood. Wonder if Heidi and Spencer are doing some home shopping lately?

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