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Showing and Selling a Home Go Together

Why some facts matter to get a good deal

Selling a home is harder in a buyer’s market. One of the reasons why homes take longer to sell (other than a downbeat economy, of course) is the growing frustration among sellers in finding the right buyer. Thus, it is crucial to prepare your home once you show it to a prospective buyer. The preparation begins with adding a curb appeal (trimming the trees and bushes to repainting the fence) and improving the details inside your home (tightening lose knobs, removing clutter in rooms and cleaning the floor).

If your home is in close competition with those that are in the same value, remember that making it stand out from the rest can give you a clear edge. Here are five facts when showing your home to buyers:

Fact No. 1: Buyers need privacy.

Most buyers prefer that the owner is out of the house when they come and visit except in the case of FSBOs. Any buyer would feel more comfortable checking the interiors of the house without the seller who’s too eager to market property. When a realtor shows the home, buyers are more at ease when assessing it.

Fact No. 2: Small details count.

Wouldn’t it be gracious if you leave a bowl of sweets on a table to thank the buyer for coming and checking your home? Some even light the fireplace to create a romantic mood in the house. And before we forget, please empty that kitchen trash.

Fact No. 3: Buyers want to maintain anonymity.

Buyers don’t want to be pestered by insistent sellers. The last thing that they need is another call that asks them when they are going to take the keys of the house.

Fact No. 4: Not everyone can stand the scent of an air freshener.

Too much scent can turn off a buyer. It’s not only for health reasons but also for cultural sensitivity. Some may belong to cultures that are easily offended by scents that you think is right for your house.

Fact No. 5: The right temperature makes house showing easy.

Turn on the heater or air conditioner if needed. If the house is too hot or too cold, don’t expect buyers to stay for too long. They’ll ask right away where they can take the exit.

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