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Rent-free, Artful Living

There’s one way to stop paying rent.

If there’s anything that freelance photographer Paul Moakley is cutting cost these days, it would have to be his rent. Moakley is currently the curator of the Alice Austin House Museum in 2 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island. He gets to live for free in the museum but with the responsibility of being the curator and caretaker of the house/museum.

Moakley describes his mornings like waking up in a Disney movie in his New York Times feature. And by looking at the houses’ Victorian style, we definitely agree with him. From the windows to the balcony, the true marks of Victorian architecture – carved ornaments, detailed moldings and elaborate fretwork, are all featured in the century-old structure. In fact, we’ve noticed that not only the photographs of Ms. Austin should be checked out by visitors but the museum itself.

But the best part of all is that Moakley’s living in it for free. Take a look at where Moakley’s abode in this quick tour of the house from PopUp New York :

Of course, if you’d like to share the same life with Moakley, you definitely have to be more than just an artist. Moakley admits to be doing the housework to maintain the museum in good condition and that includes raking the leaves outside and reprimanding loiterers outside the museum, all in front of the New York harbor. Best of all, Moakley’s job is recession-proof so he doesn’t have to worry about hedge fund managers or national newspaper editors firing him anytime soon.

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