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Why not use those hands to find a job?

I’m tired of reading comments from people who direct the blame of the financial mess to the government alone. Sometimes, they fail to realize that some homeowners are to be blamed for their foreclosure situation. If their unemployment benefits run out, and they can’t adapt to the status quo, it’s already beyond government control.

Here’s an interesting feature from the Wall Street Journal. In exposing the new wave of reverse mortgage scams, it presented a 63-year old man who was victimized by a title agent that never sent his payments to Bank of America. He’s currently facing foreclosure for his ranch. But before he found out about it, Lawrence Ford was already living a not-so average life when he received his reverse mortgage. The WSJ states, “… The retired auto mechanic and horse trainer used the money he received to pay off his existing $70,000 mortgage and ‘piddled away’ the remaining $24,000 on things like restaurant meals for his four girlfriends.”

I’m sure you know exactly my point.

Sometimes, the unemployed should realize that beggars can’t be choosers, especially when the economy isn’t going to turnaround anytime soon. Take Patrick Erwin for example. When CNNMoney.com included him in its “My Employment Benefits Run Out” feature, the former company writer laments, “… I got severance and all that; I was joking this was my ‘staycation’, my ‘funenployment.’ But in early January, it all started to sink in. I’d been a freelance writer a long time, but I also had experience in administrative, banking and insurance. I couldn’t find anything. I finally started to look at retail stores, and Target said I was too overqualified. I’ve heard that quite a few times. My unemployment check for $388 came every two weeks. I used to make $1,200 in that period. I ran out of benefits after six months, and I didn’t qualify for an extension because I hadn’t worked enough.”

Guess what? Somebody should learn to keep his pride in a box. There are millions of Americans who have taken two to three jobs today, and none of these are equal to the position they once occupied. But they know how to swim against the tide – that’s why they can still make ends meet.

So instead of pointing your finger to the government for not finding an immediate solution to your predicament, or crossing your fingers for good luck, why not use those hands to find a job? Let’s all learn to find solutions by ourselves first before hurling stones against the White House.

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