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OC House Hunting… And we don’t mean Orange County

Talking about the psychological disorder instead.

The Wall Street Journal featured a reporter named Lidia Pringle from California. What made her to the real estate section wasn’t her knack of speaking but her obsessive-compulsive attitude when she did house hunting for three years. That’s right. It took her 36 months to find the house that she wanted or should I say, something close to what she wanted. The WSJ writes, “The 58-year-old former reporter for United Press International became something of a legend in local real-estate circles for conducting one of the longest and most tenacious house hunts that brokers here can recall… The National Association of Realtors says the average buyer visits 10 to 12 homes before buying. Over two-and-a-half years, Ms. Pringle personally inspected 298 homes in Marin County. Collecting flyers along the way, she amassed enough data to fill a two-by-three-foot box. She looked at so many homes that real-estate brokers would sometimes ask for her opinion on new listings they hadn’t yet seen themselves.”

Some comments were actually not that congenial to Pringle’s consumer attitude. But who can blame her for acting such way? First, with due respect to Ms. Pringle, she has a real estate developer husband who can command a $6 million purchase for a house. Second, she’s admitted that she’s a very organized woman in terms of her work and personal stuff at home. Finally, she was not in a hurry to relocate. In fact, she took advantage of the downturn in the property market and got a good deal out of a mansion.

But readers should be aware too that being too choosy doesn’t always mean a person falls in a luxury buyer category. A buyer may stay hunting for more than three years yet his price range falls only between $250,000 and $500,000. It primarily depends on a house’s features, location and in some cases, future possibilities for improvement. Then again, the more money you have, the more choices you can make, the more meticulous you can be.

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