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New City Tops Job List

Move Over Manhattan

It used to be everything about NYC but take a look at what Forbes Magazine has come up with their “Best Places to Get Ahead” list. Its top five places to launch a career puts the Big Apple to shame and could give Manhattan a run for its money (that is, if there’s still anything left).

Topping the list is Fort Bend County, Texas where its services sector was forecasted to dominate 46.3 percent two years ago. Surprisingly, there’s another reason why Forbes ranked it first, “Incomes there have grown 10% between 2007 and 2008, and that’s not a fluke based on a small contingent of wealthy residents. The county has also added 5,913 new jobs since the second quarter of 2007, an increase of 5%. Like the rest of Texas, Fort Bend gets a healthy chunk of its revenue from the energy sector, but it also benefits from a diversity of industries—including education and hospitality—that has fueled several decades of rapid population growth. Several companies on Forbes’ 400 Best Big Companies list are headquartered there, including Texas Instruments, Baker Hughes and Thermo Fisher.”

I did my research on Fort Bend and these info can attest to Forbes’ fair reasons why Fort Bend topped their list.

According to ESRI in 2009, the county’s workforce is comprised of 26.3 percent of professionals and 19.3 percent are working in financial or management industries. This tells us that white-collar jobs are still plenty in the area.

The U.S. Bureau of the Census found out that in its 2000 survey, 83.2 percent of houses are one-bedroom detached units.

In 2009, the total spending for shelter amounted to $3,978,032,490 or an average of $24,294.81 per person. This is quite high during a real estate market bubble.

Of the top ten largest employers in the country as of August 2009, four corporations are privately owned namely, engineering firm Fluor Corporation with 3,154 employees, energy exploration company Schlumberger Technology Corp. with 2,200 workers, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital with 1,600 employees and semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments with 1,400 workers.

Though it may not have the investment banking industry that you may easily find in NYC, this growing Texan county can be your next best option.

Here’s a glimpse of Fort Bend:

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