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It’s The Location That You’re Paying For

Here’s a guide to help you spot long-term problems with the home that you’re eyeing.

Much disappointment was felt by apartment owners interviewed by the New York Times . In an article entitled, “The Big Mistake”, it wrote about the problems these dwellers have encountered once they moved in. These are the things that buyers typically don’t expect to have and unfortunately, the things that brokers don’t always disclose.

The NYT presented the following cases:

A man who rented a pad in an apartment building wasn’t expecting this problem: cigarette butts from 40 stories of neighboring apartments keep raining down on his patio. Worse, there was a case when a couple fought and down came plates and glasses crashing on his place.

A woman who rented a room located at the ground floor is disturbed by the noise made by passersby and children outside.

A communications director also complains about late-night trucks that bug her sleep.

A television producer found out that her room was infested by rats that she moved out only after two months.

Such cases are not strange to apartment dwellers more so for home buyers. If it can happen to them, why won’t it happen to an unsuspecting buyer like you?

Here are some tips to help you avoid these painful disasters:

Tip No. 1: Hire a licensed home inspector.

Have the home that you are buying inspected only by a licensed professional so that you have less risk of purchasing something that will hurt your pockets (except if your purpose is to invest in fixer-uppers). The next time your visit the home with the inspection report, you have a better chance of negotiating. You can try locating a home inspector from your town’s American Society of Home Inspectors office.

Tip No. 2: Only make a purchase that’s contingent to a reliable home inspection.

Never make the mistake of buying on a whim. Make sure that your purchase will depend on the results of the home inspection. This protects you from being compelled to pay for a house that you are dubious about.

Tip No. 3: Get a feel of the neighborhood.

This has always been a mistake by most buyers. Most are attracted to just the house itself; some even call it a prime location. Little do they know that they can’t find the right tune with their neighbors. Drive around the neighborhood. Talk to homeowners. Read reviews online.

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