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Housing Auctions: A Better Option for the Seller?

Housing Auctions
Find out it this process will work for you.

The housing crisis is ostensible to many but sellers are taking advantage of every possible solution to avert large losses. The sales are administered by auction houses or banking institutions that earn a portion from the highest price that a winning bidder pays. In a period of economic slowdown that deflates property values, sellers can avert bargain prices buy allowing interested buyers to bid for the best price.

Here, buyers are limited by the listings available such that when acquisition is of an immediate concern, some are left to offer their prices for homes that may not necessarily suit their options. In turn, the seller has a higher possibility of disposing the property instead of waiting for a buyer in the traditional market. There’s also a 10 percent deposit from the borrower. Imagine the hassles of spontaneous property showings from potential buyers. With auctions, this is eliminated right away. And with the aggressive advertising of the scheduled auction, more buyers will be encouraged to participate in the bidding. More properties are ready for the buyers’ taking than they would have seen had they privately visited each home.

Buyers are also guaranteed that sellers are ready to dispose their properties at the agreed price without long negotiations that commonly take place. They can also take advantage in situations where the bidders are not committed to start the auction at the minimum price. It’s a good way to pay below the market value though most sellers seldom follow such standard.

However, take note that not all results are beneficial. For example, as banks resort to auction instead of the more expensive option of foreclosure, they are still not assured that the winning bid is a price better than selling a foreclosed home. Also, not all information is revealed by the seller in the due diligence packet these days. The listing doesn’t have enough propriety home information that could guarantee the property’s existing condition. It’s too risky to rely on limited descriptions with several photos of the house. The auction’s marketing also involves operating expenses that are expensive. Nevertheless, home auctions are getting more frequent these days out of necessity and practicality. It’s no wonder why buyers and sellers arrive at quick sales in a property market burdened by the financial meltdown.

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