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Green – Future or Fad?

Energy Summit in Oklahoma City

We’re excited with last month’s Green Building Summit in Oklahoma City on September 15. The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association and the Oklahoma City Metro Association of Realtors brought speakers from the energy-conservation field who educated participants in the strategies, and resources, available for sustainable building in Oklahoma .

According to the summit’s official site, the following topics were covered:

• improved techniques for high-performance design and residential construction
• information on available tax credits for builders and homebuyers
• details of the NAHB Green Program and what makes a home green
• marketability of Green Homes in today’s economy
• the effect that greening the MLS will have on home sales
• incorporating green principles in their own living styles

We think however, that Americans are generally not yet ready for a full fledged real estate greening campaign. Too many issues are still pressing homeowners – like the sub-prime mess, rising foreclosures, and evaporating home values. Attending a summit may not be on their priority list; more so, if they have to pay $40 for the two-day event. The government could have subsidized the costs of the summit, and brought admission prices down to an affordable level. In fact, low-income homeowners could have benefitted more from this summit – rather than those who receive higher take home pays.

But we’re counting on the attendees to pass on what they have learned from the summit, through word of mouth and online tools. That’s a huge step in bringing to mainstream America the efforts of the federal government and the concerned private institutions in ecologically sensitive consumption.

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