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Foreclosed Homes… 10,000 Feet above Ground

Buying a house? You might want to try this.

Buying a house? The folks at a private jet company and a high-end real estate firm have hatched a plan to market luxury homes in Sin City. The official press release found on Private Jet Daily states, “Luxury Homes of Las Vegas and JetSuite Air are jointly hosting a complimentary “Luxury Home Foreclosure Private Jet Tour” leaving from Los Angeles to tour three stunning, bank-owned, luxury homes in Las Vegas. Each of the mansions is more than 10,000-square feet. The tour will leave Los Angeles on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 10 a.m. and return at 6 p.m. This is the first of a series of luxury home foreclosure jet tours to Las Vegas. Other departure cities may include Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.”

Ingenious, isn’t it?

In case you’re wondering why buyers would have to fly just to see the homes, I believe that this is nothing but a marketing gimmick. Think about it – it’s not only the real estate industry that has suffered a slump. Private aircraft manufacturers and tour operators are experiencing the harsh conditions of the economy too. So to make it short, they’re asking investors to patronize a different kind of house showing that’s obviously expensive on aircraft fuel.
The tour takes you to three houses. According to the article, “The first luxury home on the tour is located in Tournament Hills at Summerlin and is listed for $4,650,000. This home is 10,692-square feet, sits on a 1.17-acre lot, has seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and was listed at $9,200,000 in 2007.”
I’ve found this great video about the entire place.

“The second home is located in MacDonald Highlands and is listed for $4,900,000. This home is 12,872-square feet, sits on a .53-acre lot, has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and was listed at $6,200,000 in 2008.”
The high-end area really speaks luxury! Take a look:

“The third home is located in Promontory in The Ridges and is listed for $6,125,000. This home is 13,611-square feet, sits on a .74-acre lot, has seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and was valued at approximately $10,000,000 at market peak.”

Now, are you ready for the trip?

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