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“Field of Dreams” Location for Sale

Better prepare a huge sum.

Years before Kevin Costner bombed at the box office with his disappointments in “Waterworld” and “The Postman”, he made a name in Hollywood with “Field of Dreams” in 1989. The baseball drama was a critical success albeit the A.M.P.A.S. shunned it out during the Oscars. But it was one of the best films of that decade that everyone’s still talking about. Count the field where they shot the movie. Twenty-one years after it was shown, the famous adjoining farms in Dyersville, IO is now in the market.

Private owners Don and Becky Lansing have lived in the area together with their kids but they’re doing a wise move this time by selling the property for $5.4 million. Here’s a look at the site from the movie trailer. Apparently, the Lansings have done a great job preserving the site.

Dyersville is part of the Dubuque Metropolitan Statistical Area. The property’s cost may be too much but it has a number of features that can attract the interested buyer: 193 acres with 7 buildings (home, 2-car garage, barn, machine shed, corn crib, souvenir stand/store). The sales page writes, “The current owners have a merchandising agreement with Universal. While this agreement is not transferable, if requested the owners will assist the buyer in securing a new agreement. The field and grounds have been preserved to recreate the movie experience, and the Lansings have not sought to commercialize the property. On average, 65,000 people come to visit the field each year.”

I surmise then that the potential buyer must be someone who’s interested in keeping this as a tourist attraction and not something that he’ll plan on keeping as a farm/baseball field. According to The Des Moines Register, “The value of the real estate would be difficult to determine because of its tourism value. The Lansings haven’t charged visitors, but they have maintained a gift shop. The Lansings are catching land values near their top. A 2009 farmland value survey by Iowa State University showed average values for top-quality land in Dubuque County, where the field is located, as high as $4,685. Land in neighboring Delaware County has an even higher value – as much as $5,152 per acre, according to the ISU survey. Farmland values in Iowa have doubled in the last decade. Land experts note that in Iowa 80 percent of farmland sales are to neighboring farmers.”

Interested? Visit the owner’s official sales website for a piece of Hollywood history. But you better hurry. According to the Associated Press, “Former major league pitcher Ken Sanders, now a real estate consultant overseeing the sale, said he’s already received a number of inquiries about the property. Sanders said the majority of those who’ve reached out have shown interest in preserving the property. But he’s also heard from people thinking about putting up a hotel, water park and even some contemplating whether to build a minor league ballpark on the site. There’s little doubt, though, that the property’s iconic place in sports movie history will help its resale value.”

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