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Families Get Rent, Security Deposit Support

Since 1986, a charitable institution has been taking care of families.

The Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund has recently found itself getting exposure through the San Francisco Chronicle . It features a testament of one young family who were behind their rent because of unemployment. They received support from the organization which allowed them to slowly get back on track.

The official site of the fund posts “Grant monies from the Fund can help families in any number of ways, such as paying the rent so they can stay in their home, covering a security deposit so they can transition out of a homeless shelter, or buying a wheelchair or other essential medical equipment that they couldn’t otherwise afford.” Some of the fund goes to the food banks that they claim to feed 1.5 million families annually. Even the SFC declares that the fund has distributed more than $66 million already. Some of the largest donors “were Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund: $500,000 in 2009, $400,000 in 2008, $300,000 in 2007, $250,000 in 2006 and 2005.”

Families are only entitled to a one-time support so that means the support is only temporary. They cannot also use it for any other purpose since assistance is in the form of grants paid directly to the supplier of goods or services, such as a landlord. Individuals cannot receive any direct grants.

Like many other charitable institutions, they need more exposure to gain the funding that they need. The more people that are made aware of their causes, the more will help. What’s more commendable to Chronicle’s efforts is that they are managed by competent professionals who are respond to the call of many families currently struggling in their rent payments.

If you want to contribute in any way, you may click here . If you know somebody who can benefit from the one-time support and is living in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano or Sonoma, please click here .

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