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Failed Bank Assets Get Chopped Up

Participating in toxic loan sales can either bring you profits or too much risk.

So how do you see yourself going up against the big boys in the market? If owning a bank is impossible, why not wait until it fails and own some of its assets? That’s what a lot of hungry and bold investors do during this very shaky economic period. Aside from tangible assets, many are taking the risk at snapping up toxic loans with the expectation that one day, these can get out of the non-performing category. Data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reveals that among these toxic assets, real estate mortgages make up 55 percent of the entire assets-in-liquidation in the country.

How safe are these toxic real estate loans anyway?

There’s nothing really that can be said except that they are very risky.

Investors participate in buying only for the optimistic view that once the economy gets out of this mess, the loans might actually serve them well. That is, if the economy actually improves. But as to any risk-lover, you’d never get far unless you take a bite at the apple. That’s how Bill Bartmann believes where he is heading anyway. The founder of a debt collection enterprise announced earlier this year that he will organize a private equity fund to help investors purchase toxic assets from the banks.

Or get to know Earl Lawrence in this video from Money Talks News. You might want to follow in his footsteps.


As more banks are failing, expect more sour loans to be offered to big time and just the everyday investors. If you can take the risk, go ahead and maybe one day, you’d be so proud of yourself for betting on today’s market.

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