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Everywhere There’s Green

There’s something good happening in the environmental care circuit.

Things are turning out to be better for the earth.

BusinessWeek’s Prashant Gopal posted the details of the joint study conducted by the University of San Diego and CB Richard Ellis. One hundred fifty-four building managed by CB Richard Ellis were included in the study. A green building is classified as having LEED certification at any level or those that bear the EPA ENERGY STAR label. It found out that “tenants in green buildings such as the Behnisch Architekten-designed Unilever offices in Hamburg above are more productive based on two measures: the average number of tenant sick days and a productivity change. Respondents reported an average of 2.88 fewer sick days in their current green office versus their previous non-green office. About 55% of respondents indicated that employee productivity had improved.”

Well that’s one reason why the employees find themselves preparing more reports than during the period when they were in a non-green office building. It’s a wise investment of each company indeed.

But what if these employee’s houses were like that of Elaine Brook? Here’s a tour inside:

Home and building construction are getting inspired with the “green movement”. For homeowners, imagine what it can do to you for the long term. You can save energy and reduce your electric bills, be assured of cleaner construction materials in your home, and improve your health condition. If you spend 8 hours in a green office building and you’ll most likely have fewer sick days, how would it impact positively when you spend more hours in your own eco home?

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