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Chinese Drywall: More Complaints Coming

The fiasco in poor home construction materials raises more concerns both in health and credibility.

During the construction boom, many U.S. developers sought the need for cheaper materials at what they thought would cost them less for the same quality. When the country had experienced a lower supply of drywall, suppliers imported 250,000 tons of tainted drywall or more commonly known as Chinese drywall. The material was heavily used in home construction from 2001 to 2007.

A year ago, the controversy erupted when studies found out that the Chinese drywall contains toxic compounds that could damage both appliances and the homeowner’s health. It was found out that the drywall emits noxious odor that damages air conditioners and other appliances. There are also many health studies that attest the drywall’s harmful effects on children and adults particularly in their cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

Recently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released the 6-part 44 In-Depth Investigations on Imported Drywall that revealed serious effects of the Chinese drywall. Among these include corrosion in the copper wiring of a hair dryer that led to its blaze, defective appliances and circuit boards, and recurring sinusitis and nervous illnesses in one family living in Florida.

We must keep in mind that no matter how many product recalls have been issued in China (milk, toys, footwear, etc.), our distributors have also committed their own mistakes by failing to adhere to safety standards when releasing these products in the market and conducting independent tests on the materials of these imported goods.

There’s also a question of whether these homeowners should walk away from their homes (and eventually damage their credit) or continue living inside while putting their family’s health at risk. It might be easy to say that leaving one’s home is a better option but for those who can’t afford to relocate, it’s an entirely different story.

Homeowners should always seek retribution in cases such as this. Above all, information is vital and it’s the first step towards safety.

For more information and support, you may visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center .

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