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Careful With the Paint Please!

Bad taste, bad application, bad results.

If you have to be careful with one home project, painting your walls and ceilings would have to be it. Other than creating a visual and aesthetic disaster when you fail on the color choice and execution, painting catastrophes are costly. Therefore, preparation and guided advice can keep your house from looking like your preschooler’s art work.

Here are several mistakes that homeowners commonly commit and solutions to curb or prevent them.

Problem: “That can of paint will do.”
Explanation: Just because it’s your favorite color doesn’t mean it fits your house. Some people are also too drawn to some hues that they see on sample without looking at other options.
Solution: Never settle for something that pleases your eye right away. If it’s possible bring along with you sample swatches so you can place it on the wall for examination. Then let your ideas fly. Does red make you inspired when you wake up in the morning? Or are neutral colors your perfect relaxer?

Problem: “My house can be a standout with neon.”
Explanation: There are some people who’d prefer their house to be distinct on a row of houses with earth tones. Although we respect individuality, it’s still necessary that you keep in tune with the rest of the neighborhood. Besides, you don’t want a lower home value just because of the flashy hue, right?
Solution: Play it safe by choosing neutral colors such as white, gray and cream. They offer the cleanest slate for your exterior paint jobs. Accent colors are now made easier to choose and you can start your decorative ideas that can go well with these color choices.

Problem: “I can’t wait to paint my wall.”
Explanation: Not sanding, scrubbing and basically prepping the wall are major causes of peeling and chipping paint. Some homeowners who are too excited to paint on their own forge the basic rule in wall painting: prep it first.
Solution: If you’re not aware of how to prepare your wall for painting, ask a professional to do it instead. You might be applying water-based paint on a wall that still has oil-based paint on it. Don’t even imagine what disaster this is going to be.

Problem: “The color mix is perfect.”
Explanation: Sure, you’ve gotten the right combination after several tries. You’ve applied it on your wall and nothing can be more perfect. But the next time you repaint, are you sure you’re going to get the same result? Perhaps, it’s just all about your failure to keep a record of the right proportion and color selection.
Solution: Don’t throw those cans away! When you’re mixing colors, make sure you’ve got your pen and paper ready to record the right amount of paint combination that you’ve made.

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