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They’re getting younger.

Ladies, if Mr. Blake hasn’t returned your calls by now, maybe you should look for somebody else. Meet 24-year old Adam Blake originally from Kansas City. One of the country’s youngest real estate moguls was featured in The Star-Telegram recently. The article reads, “… Blake, 24, who has made a residential real estate business he started as a sophomore at Texas Christian University into a multimillion-dollar venture, in September closed on the purchase of the historic Electric Building in downtown Fort Worth from billionaire Robert Bass… His company Atlas Properties was on the latest Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private U.S. companies, reporting 2008 revenues of $5.8 million, up from $382,778 in 2005. And that’s just one of the nearly dozen companies and investment funds he owns. Another is Blake Venture Corp.”

You might ask, is it really time to feature people who are going against the market bust? We think it is.

First, we need more wise investors who can accelerate the pace of the rebounding property market.

Second, we need more young people to venture into the real estate industry aside from more popular fields such as information technology and medicine.

Third, we need more success stories to bring back those who have left the industry in pursuit of other careers.

If you think you can start a career in flipping, or simply seller or buyer referral, what’s holding you back now? Just make sure you’re getting in legal deals and less risky practices.

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