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What the Social Homebuyer Should Look for in a Home

If you like hosting guests or throwing parties, this list is for you.

The holidays are here, and it’s time to get festive. If you’re the type of person who typically throws dinner parties, family gatherings, or board game nights at your place, then this list is for you. We’ve gathered the home features you should be looking for if you intend to host loved ones or throw parties in your new home.

Large Living Area

It’s hard to host a party without an area for people to hang out, sit around, and mingle. Homes with a large living room or other indoor recreational spaces (such as a finished basement) are perfect for keeping all of your guests together in one area. If the style of home you’re looking for doesn’t have a large living space, open floor plans are a great alternative; they make the home feel much larger, and there are no walls to get in the way of people socializing.

Dining Space

You can’t throw a successful dinner party without an adequate dining space. While kitchen tables will do the job in some circumstances, there’s nothing quite as fabulous as setting a table in a formal dining area. A dedicated dining space is a great spot for guests to get to know one other because they’re all facing each other. Participating activities such as arts and crafts or board games is also much easier when everyone’s attention is directed toward the table.

Big Backyard

For many party hosts, owning a property with a backyard space is a priority. Whether it’s a birthday, barbecue, or even a small wedding, backyards serve as an essential place to gather family, friends, and loved ones on beautiful days. Backyards are even more enticing when they come with features like a deck, patio, gas grill, or fire pit.

Guest Room

Sometimes your guests want to stay over for a few days. One way to make sure they have a comfortable stay is by giving them a private space to retreat. Rather than making guests sleep on the couch, a guest room provides a private space for guests to go when they’re looking to rest or relax.


What’s a party without a bar? Whether it’s a full or mini bar, meant for mixed cocktails or storing wine, a bar is the perfect way to set the tone for a specific area of your home. Bar spaces can add an element of spontaneity and creativity, and they also offer an area to place unique decor. Both guests and hosts can work the bar area, making it a dynamic space for everyone to socialize and have fun.

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Raquel Guarino

Raquel Guarino is a writer for Realty.com and Help.com. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

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